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Gail Hayssen was born in New York City. Her family was active in the Vegan and alternative health movements in the 1960's.


She was known among friends and family for dreams that predict upcoming personal events.


In 1970 Gail participated in Mind Dynamics, a system for expanding psychic potential. Gail discovered her own talents for accurately predicting events and obtaining personal information.


In the 1980's, dreams and visions led Gail to a unique relationship with the Huichol Indians of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains in Mexico. Gail received an unusual welcome from the Huichol community, and attended ceremonies generally forbidden to outsiders.

Since then, Gail has developed unique relationships with native people and shamans from other cultures: the Haida of Alaska, and shamans of Mongolia, where she spoke at the International Shaman Symposium in 2006 and 2011.


In the late 1990's, Gail met scientists Dr. Dean Radin and Russell Targ, who were conducting experiments in ‘remote viewing’, aimed at understanding how people perceive events which are distant in space and time. As an experimental subject, Gail would draw and describe a photograph that would be randomly selected in the future and then shown to her.


In 2011 Gail was initiated as a Buriat White Shaman, and has been a subject and collaborator in numerous paranormal experiments with Dr. Radin and others, including the Ganzfield Experiment, documented in Dr. Radin’s international bestseller Supernormal.


Gail Hayssen has been a subject, participant, or co-author in numerous experiments and publications.

On going down the path of book publishing, Gail met Michelle Freed of LITM Media at a remote viewing study group, and launched her podcast to share intimate stories of the paranormal and shamanism.


Gail lives in Sebastopol, California with her husband, David and her three children, Nancy, Richard, and Tasha.

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Guest Appearances

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Host Bill Hendrickson of WCOM, Time Out interviews Gail Hayssen.

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2019 Third Eye Spies-A True Story of Psychic Spying.

Remote Viewing with Russell Targ

Real Time Remote Viewing Experiment with 17K+ hits

2014 Challenging The Paranormal - NHK (Japan Broadcasting) produced

by Akira Kanda In Japanese French and English

2014 60 Minutes of Japan FMRI experiment is shown

2011 Unveiling the Anomaly - Talitha Wall & Crystal Geisedocumentary of stories

2011 Rhine Research Center Vimeo Gails Talk My Personal Experiences

of the Mongolian and Huichol People Presented at Duke University

2008 The History Channel -“The Brain” produced by Darlow-Smith/

IMG British

2002 Discovery Channel The Gut Level Experiment

1969 Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace and Music DVD

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Take a peek at some of the stories Gail has written on the paranormal and shamanism:


Podcast Reviews

"Gail, You are so amazing and such a phenomenal interviewee. I am so moved by you and all you have shared. You are such an encouragement for open-mindedness, to look beyond what we experience as normal day to day. Your deep caring comes through so clearly❣️" - Holly Laskey


"We could have gone at last one more hour, but I learned so much in today's conversation, that I now understand a bit of your scintillating life. I hope you keep your engine charged well for another eon or two and the world will be better for it. Thanks for the time and all the best as your life unfolds and your book hits the best seller list." - Bill Hendrickson

“Gail is the most compassionate, humble and kind person I know.  Her status as a Shaman does not surprise me at all.  Since she was a teenager she has had a special connection with life and spirits.  Her gift is special and she has only touched the very tip of it!  May the future bring you to a place of love, joy and happiness.  You have given that to so many of us.  Gail, you are so special!!” - Donna Bahil

"I just want to reach out to you and let you know how much I love you. You have become so articulate and you are very beautiful. Your light is radiating." - Lucy Lewis

"Shabam Gail. 💥🥰 Thank you. A wonderful time, fully immersed in your journey, reliving your Mongolian shaman initiation, remembering Zagda, remembering that very special day. You are so natural on the podcast, I could listen for days... and in fact, I look forward to doing just that on your upcoming podcasts 😊 SO happy you are sharing the amazing riches of your life. From Peru, a big hug ❣️"

"In love with Gail! She is amazing..." - Robert Hensley



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